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Central & State Service Matters

We have a team of professionals’ proficient in dealing with the matters relating to Services of Central government and Telangana state government employees who face inappropriate transfers, postings, suspensions, recruitment, and the employees who are removed from the services without holding any proper inquiry. We handle the matters before High Court, CAT and other relating Tribunals in Hyderabad.

Our services include:

All the matters related to -

  • Seniority and Promotion
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Suspension & Termination
  • Regularization of Temporary & Contract Employees
  • Compassionate Appointment
  • Disproportionate Punishment
  • Reply to Charges
  • Retirement
  • Increments & Arrears
  • Salary and Wages
  • Pension related
  • Conditional Bonds related for Private Employees
  • Removal without notice for Private Employees
  • Date of Birth litigations